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Ways to make driving jobs more attractive

Let's not get held up at selling the job based only on salary. Ever since the pandemic employees care a lot about work and life balance. We've found additional benefits from carriers that we think are worth highlighting.

Here are some selling points for the job you are hiring for


  1. Passenger programs: Some carriers will allow you the driver to have a passenger with them on the road!

  2. Pet programs: Check to see what carriers allow pets! This is a great incentive for newer or single drivers who have pets at home, or who wish to have a pet.

  3. Solo or team: Depending what the driver prefers, letting them know in advance if the position is solo or team will make or break it with a candidate.

  4. Home time: Jobs with daily home time are the best and easy to sell. However, when you see jobs that are home weekly, be sure to sell it with to the driver.

  5. Benefits: Most carriers will offer up great health insurance and 401k plans! This is a great incentive for student drivers or drivers with families.

  6. Paid endorsements: If the job requires some type of endorsement, certain carriers will pay! This helps include drivers who are not yet endorsed (Hazmat, Tank, etc.)

Don't forget you don't need to include every great selling point the job may have when creating a job post. Keep some information and save it for when you talk to the driver on the phone if they are interested in the position.

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