Big carrier Celadon filing bankruptcy ---- USX special offer to their drivers

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

For any Celadon driver:

* $500.00 displacement upon hire or reimbursement of miles not paid up to $750.00 * Travel reimbursement to our nearest location. Keep taxi or Uber receipts * Guaranteed home for December holiday * $12,000 sign on bonus paid $1000 monthly * Bus tickets today to our nearest location tomorrow and meals paid * $50 personal item replacement for items you had to leave behind with receipt * 80% will be seated within 3 days * $25.00 store credit to buy clothing needed upon hire

J B Hunt Has Locals

Visit the portal to take advantage of all their local and final mile openings while they are hot as they will close really fast!

Add media to your job posts on Social Media

When creating your job posts you can:

  • Upload images or GIFs

  • Embed videos and music or do a video

  • Do slide show of openings be creative

  • Share in trucker related groups discussions pages and blogs!

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