Getting Started

1.  Utilize these *Recruiting Tools to Help You Manager Your Day*.  These tools are designed to help you set a standard/routine for your day, maintain consistency, and hold yourself accountable.

Daily Goals

1.  Log into my softphone (or mobile app ) email , back office and bitrix

2.  Check email for updates from the team

3.  Respond to new and existing applicants and leads

4.  Use my telephone discipline tool to make 10 calls per hour

5.  Post new and refresh existing job post on job boards (5 a day, 25 a week)

6.  Set a goal to submit 3-5 applications per day

  • (1 hire min on books by membership due date = monthly fees waived)

We have attached a telephone discipline tool and a weekly target sheet.  Record your weekly target and at end of week please submit to!


2.  Make sure you stay Organized.

  • Use Bookmarks/Tabs/Screenshots/Notes, etc.

    • ​The key is not to retain the information that appears in this Back Office​, but to keep it readily accessible.​

  • Categorize your emails if necessary.

    • We receive many emails throughout the day.  You may want to ​compartmentalize the different emails you receive in order to manage them better.

  • We are exposed to a lot of information all at once.  Organizing the information, and organizing your work area will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

3.  Pick a Carrier.

  • We suggest starting with JB Hunt.

    • They have a very user friendly site which makes jobs searching easy.

    • They provide highly detailed Job Descriptions.  This gives you the opportunity to begin researching terms you don't recognize.  It will also boost your confidence when you speak to drivers.  Most of the questions they ask can be answered based on the information you will see there.

  • Regardless, which carrier you decide to start with, make sure you are starting with a carrier that you understand.  Make sure you are comfortable speaking about the position, and have a grasp on the Submission Process for that carrier.

  • Once you have learned a carrier, add one more at a time.  You will eventually have the full roster available to you.

4.  Post Job Ads.

  • For your first day or two while you get acclimated, you can use to reach out to leads

    • These will be Cold Leads, but they will help you get comfortable on the phone.

  • Make sure you are Adhering to the Guidelines for posting, so that you stay in compliance with whatever job boards you choose to utilize.

  • Your first post should be for a job that you feel comfortable with.  You can choose to post in a city/state you are familiar with.  This will add to your confidence on the phone.  Overall, just make sure you start off posting for jobs you feel you can somewhat understand.

5.  Utilize the Resources Available to you.

  • Independent Research is encouraged.  Sharing any new knowledge you come across is always welcome and appreciated.

  • The Back Office has most, if not all information needed to perform the job.  Always check the Back Office first if you have a question.

  • If the information you seek does not appear in the Back Office, or you are unclear on the information you do find, please post your questions in the Bitrix General Chat.  Someone will be able to answer your questions relatively quickly there, and you can rely on accurate information there.

  • To elevate a question you can Email your Senior Recruiter directly.

  • Should you have bigger picture issues, questions, or concerns, Please Email your Senior Recruiter with a detailed statement as to what you are experiencing.  Your Senior Recruiter will either respond directly or schedule a 1-on-1 Coaching Call.

*Bonus Information*

Four Stages in your Success!


1. Job Ads = Applicants​​​

  • If you are posting effective job ads, you should have drivers applying.

2. Applicants = Candidates

  • Once on the phone you should be getting drivers to fill out an application with you on the spot! Those applications should then be accepted and reviewed by our Submissions Team, with no errors.  Our Submissions Team should not consistently send your applications back for errors or missing information.


3. Candidates = Interviews

  • If you have done an effective job qualifying your candidates, they should be making it to the interview stage once our POCs at the carriers are in contact with them.


4. Interviews = Hires

  • If you are doing a good job eliminating or disqualifying drivers who are not serious about the position, and doing your best to inform the driver, they should be easy Hires.

*If you are having issues at any of these stages, you need to contact your Senior Recruiter immediately and schedule a 1-on-1 Coaching Session.  You will receive personalized assistance to get you over the hump, and on your way to consistent hires.